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Meet the Team 2016

Meet the participants of the 2016 Yellowstone Institute

Michelle Amato
8th Grade Science Teacher
Wake Forest Middle School

Hobbies: running, birding, hiking, cooking, nature photography
Looking forward to: seeing new species of birds and hoping to see some bears and an elusive moose or two. Also looking forward to full days of learning from experts and exploring Yellowstone on foot. So excited for everything!
Martha “Kate” Bowsman
Preschool Itinerant Teacher
Office of Early Learning
Hobbies: photography, painting, traveling, taking my dogs to the lake, reading
Looking forward to: going outside my comfort zone with a group of teachers I don’t know and learning more about this amazing world we live in so I can share it with my students.
Chris Campbell
6th Grade Science Teacher
Neal Middle School
Hobbies: golf, astronomy
Looking forward to: experiencing all aspects of the park and taking the experiences back home to the classroom in Durham.
Laura Cochrane
6th Grade Science Teacher
Mills Park Middle School
Hobbies: gardening, walking/hiking, reading, traveling… anything in nature
Looking forward to: seeing the geothermal features of Yellowstone – geysers, hot springs, mud spots and of course Old Faithful! Exploring the flora and fauna with experienced naturalists and dedicated educators will be a highlight… I can’t wait!
Lauren M. Faison
Title I/EC Preschool Teacher
L.C. Kerr
Hobbies: singing, walking
Looking forward to: everything! It’s a great opportunity to experience this landmark.
Sarah Goodman
Middle School Science Teacher
Providence Day School
Hobbies: In my free time I like to get out and explore. I like to hike, fish, and enjoy being outdoors. I play on an adult softball team and do athletic conditioning when my schedule allows. I have recently picked up kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu and am looking forward to seeing this aspect of my life unfold.
Looking forward to: After visiting Yellowstone this past winter, I am looking forward to seeing this magical place under the warm sun and among the green terrain! I can’t wait to experience the new generations of young being brought into this world by many different species as well as get a chance to learn more about the biodiversity of Yellowstone! It is my goal to strengthen my scientific journaling skills and really have a chance to quietly reflect in the magic that is Yellowstone! I can’t wait!
Stephanie Kinley
5th Grade Teacher
Clover Garden School
Hobbies: reading, photography, traveling
Looking forward to: I was blessed enough to go on the Belize trip through the science museum a couple of years ago. That trip was live changing for me as a teacher and as a person. I’m hoping to gain new information about our natural world to share with my students in our ecosystem unit for science.
Emily Kochy
Math & Science Specialist
Carrboro Elementary
Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools
Hobbies: I love to be outdoors running, wandering through parks, or exploring the many outdoor activities in Durham. I also enjoy cooking new recipes and trying my hand at gardening.
Looking forward to: exploring the magic of the park – the animals, geysers, and landscape! I can’t wait to experience the sights and sounds of such an amazing ecosystem in part of the country I’ve never explored. I’m hoping to witness some beautiful night skies too!
Elizabeth McCallister
4th Grade Teacher
Parkwood Elementary
Hobbies: boating, walking on the beach with my dog Euler, collecting unusual seashells and sea glass. I also love attending plays, concerts, and sporting events.
Looking forward to: experiencing Yellowstone in the predawn hours with all its natural beauty and wonder. Learning about different ecosystems that exist and comparing that to North Carolina is high on the list as well.
Danielle McCaslin
6th Grade Science Teacher
Mills Park Middle School
Hobbies: listening to music, watching sports (Pittsburgh sports mostly), cooking, trying new adventurous activities 🙂
Looking forward to: learning all about a new place and finding fun and exciting ways to incorporate this trip into my classroom. I am also really looking forward to networking with and meeting new people from across the state.
Laura McClees
Preschool Special Education
Mills Park Elementary
Hobbies: listening to audible books, going to the beach, sewing, shopping for my students
Looking forward to: seeing a different part of the country/going somewhere new and different! I also look forward to experiencing something that I can carry onto my students.
Tracie Clark Roseberry
Bio/Environmental ScienceTeacher
South View High School
Hobbies: kayaking, camping, photography, swimming, hiking, traveling.
Looking forward to: bears, wolves, and bison, oh my! I have wanted to see a bear in the wild for some time now and am certain I shall. What most thrills me is going on this amazing journey during the 100th anniversary of the National Park system in the park that started it all. In my opinion there is no greater privilege than witnessing the grandeur and beauty of Nature with like-minded people who are excited about sharing their experience with young people so that we are all moved to protect and preserve the planet’s biodiversity. “For my entire life Nature has been my inspiration, my fascination and my delight” ~ E.O. Wilson

Museum Staff Leaders

Melissa Dowland
Coordinator of Teacher Education
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Hobbies: camping, hiking, kayaking, reading, photography, exploring the natural world!
Looking forward to: sharing my favorite place in the world with a fantastic group of NC educators. Yellowstone has a remarkable way of getting under your skin, and I hope each of us will make special memories, learn new things about our first national park, and return home renewed in our passion for education.
Megan Chesser
Teacher Education Specialist
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Hobbies: hiking and backpacking, gardening, cooking and baking, crafts, jogging, biking, any and all outdoor adventures!
Looking forward to: I can’t wait to share the beauty and joy of our first National Park with such a wonderful group of NC educators! I look forward to pre-dawn visits to Lamar valley and the long, low howls of the wolf packs. I can’t wait to look for the badgers, pine martens, and river otters that always elude us. I hope we are all stunned into silence by the majesty and wonder of the thermal features.

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