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Meet the Team 2013

Meet the participants of the 2013 Yellowstone Institute

Ginny ByrneVirginia Byrne
Interim/Permanent Substitute
Ravenscroft School
Wake County
Hobbies: singing in two choral groups; working with children
Looking forward to: seeing Yellowstone in the summer and comparing it to my experiences in Yellowstone in the winter



Kelli CharlesKelli Charles
5th Grade Teacher
Irwin Intermediate
Cumberland County
Hobbies: reading; walking; photography; traveling
Looking forward to: traveling to a new place and experiencing Yellowstone for the first time; getting a lot of great pictures to add to my collection; bringing back my experiences to my class and integrating what I have learned in my teaching


Meredith CheethamMeredith Cheetham
7th Grade Teacher
Exploris Middle School
Wake County
Hobbies: gardening; cooking; swimming; running
Looking forward to: observing such a unique part of our country; seeing the geological features, flora and fauna of Yellowstone


Val GuilbeaultValerie Guilbeault
Science Teacher
Crest Middle School
Cleveland County
Hobbies: playing with my pets; reading; gardening; cooking; baking
Looking forward to: learning about the ecology and geology or Yellowstone; taking wonderful pictures of all the different types of wildlife living in the park


Sally MassengaleSally Massengale
Science Specialist
Glenwood Elementary School
Orange County
Hobbies: walking; hiking; painting; drawing; gardening; bird watching; traveling to see family and new places; going on geology field trips
Looking forward to: the smell of sulfur; the sounds of bison and wolves; the heat of Old Faithful; the colors of the mineral waters; western wildflowers and birds


Sarah OtisSarah Otis
1st Grade Teacher
Brentwood Magnet Elementary School of Engineering
Wake County
Hobbies: hiking; reading; learning new languages
Looking forward to: seeing bears, elk, bison and Old Faithful; photographing wildflowers, lakes and beautiful waterfalls


Ruth RiddleRuth Riddle
Science Teacher
DH Conley High School
Pitt County
Hobbies: biking; kayaking; camping; reading; being outdoors; learning new things
Looking forward to: seeing and learning about a different topography from North Carolina; experiencing the geological wonders found in Yellowstone; observing bears, wolves and bison


Molly TuttleMolly Tuttle
2nd Grade Teacher
Kimmel Farm Elementary
Forsyth County
Hobbies: running; boating; being outside; learning about animals; playing with my daughter
Looking forward to: exploring a part of the United States I have never seen before; seeing bison, wolves, elk and maybe a bear; learning about geysers and how they work; star gazing;  meeting new friends

Museum Staff Leaders

Yellowstone people pixMelissa Dowland (Institute leader)
Coordinator of Teacher Education
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Wake County
Hobbies: nature photography, hiking, camping, kayaking, and being outdoors
Looking forward to: sharing my favorite place in the world with a wonderful, talented group of educators; continuing to get to know Yellowstone National Park and the locals we meet better; and reconnecting with the sense of wildness and peace I find in Yellowstone


Christy FlintChristy Flint (Institute Leader)
Coordinator of the Micro World Investigate Lab
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Wake County
Hobbies: reading; kayaking; watching my kids play soccer
Looking forward to: being out west; taking the time to experience and appreciate being out in nature (not in front of a computer); spending time with some of North Carolina’s most amazing educators

Meet the Team 2012

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