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Yellowstone Magic

June 19, 2012

One of our participants, Cindy, said how we are all feeling about the blessing called Yellowstone. She said, “We’ve been so separated from nature that when we do get to experience its wildness, it becomes magical to us.”

Today, our magic was geological as we witnessed the power and beauty of the geysers, fumaroles, hot springs, and mudpots that not only shaped Yellowstone, but also were the inspiration for the creation of the world’s first national park. The magic of the geysers, the mountains, the panoramic vistas, and the diversity of wildlife roaming freely is the magic of Yellowstone.

But there is more to this story: Yellowstone wants us to know something. We, too, are magical in our own way. We are as majestic and magical as Yellowstone. She knows this and is waiting for us to know, too. In her wisdom, she patiently waits, true to her timeless nature.

By Rowan, Ami, and Joyce

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