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Rumbling Earth

June 19, 2012

We had a great view of white pelicans this morning at Pelican Creek. We watched as they fed in synchronicity. White pelicans will sometimes encircle fish and feed on them, a very different strategy from our diving North Carolina brown pelicans. Afterward we stopped at Fishing Bridge where hundreds of anglers used to line the bridge, catching large numbers of cutthroat trout. Thankfully, this practice has stopped due to the diminishing numbers of cutthroat trout. At Isa Lake, which lies on the continental divide, Mike grabbed (and released) one of the huge leeches swimming in the lake so we could get an up close view.

Feeling Steam Explosions

When we sat and lay on the ground, we could feel the ground shaking and rumbling as Black Sand Pool experienced steam explosions.

We then trekked to Black Sand Pool, where we felt the earth rumbling beneath us, as the hot spring released intense waves of bubbles. Our group paused there for several minutes, lying on the warm obsidian sand as we contemplated the power of the earth.

Ranger Rita Garcia provided our group with an excellent interpretive walk in the Upper Geyser Basin. We were warned of the importance of staying on the boardwalk as several bison have met their demise in some of the hot springs, where their bones lie today. The highlight of our day was Old Faithful, erupting not once, but twice, while we were out on our walk. A few of us were sprayed with Old Faithful’s water as it blew over us in the strong winds.

We end our day in one of the most historic structures in Yellowstone, the Old Faithful Inn. Phenomenal!

By Pam. Cindy, and Lou

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  1. Ginny Byrne permalink
    June 20, 2012 2:58 pm

    Tomorrow you travel home from the summer treat of Yellowstone. Your last photo together at Upper Geyser is unique. In 2008, it would have been “chilly” for us to do this in winter. Glad you were good boys and girls and listened to Ranger Rita! See you in Raleigh! Ginny Byrne, Alternate, 2013

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